Climate Change Action at the Heart of Education: ‘GenZero’ Ultra-low Carbon School Blueprint launches at COP26

8th November 2021

Chalk Creatives, the leading specialists in ultra-low carbon educational environments, today announces the launch of GenZero - the blueprint for ultra-low carbon school environments at COP26, in partnership with the Department for Education and the Construction Innovation Hub (funded by UK Research and Innovation).

Every child in the UK will know that school is at the heart of climate change action – inside their classrooms – through the design and build of the new ultra-low carbon chairs, tables, workstations, and equipment that will furnish their GenZero school environment. The Department for Education is considering how specially designed ultra-low carbon furniture, fittings and equipment can contribute to the fight against the climate crisis – in turn empowering teachers and inspiring and educating children as they learn about the environment and climate change action.

GenZero school classrooms will include ultra-low carbon and sustainable materials such as recycled glass for art, tech and science workstations, bio-based compostable materials for storage, and eco resins, beeswax, bamboo for furniture.

Pictured: the GenZero Classroom Prototype, annotated with notes about furniture, fittings and equipment. Specially built and on display at the BE@COP26 exhibition, Glasgow 8 November 2021.
Credit: Chalk Creatives

Commenting on today’s announcement, Alex Ward, MD at Chalk Creatives said:

“GenZero is the pioneer of the first ultra-low carbon environment for school classrooms, buildings and landscapes.  Together with the GenZero team of experts we are challenging today’s education environment, and in doing so are creating a vision for the future.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – our vision for the future is to have ultra-low carbon interiors not just in new build schools but across all schools. Collectively GenZero has developed solutions that empower both children and teachers to create, feel, think, learn and work in a sustainable, ultra-low carbon environment. We are delighted to have been chosen to work with the Government on this innovative and important project for children and teachers, and we're passionate about facilitating this not just for our children - but for future generations."

The GenZero team of expert partners, led by the Department of Education, have been working tirelessly over the past 18 months to bring this ultra-low carbon blueprint for schools to life.

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